Arizona's two Republican senators have made bold political moves over the last week, but are Sen. McCain and Sen. Flake making an impact with President Trump or the GOP?

Between John McCain's vote against the "skinny" Obamacare repeal and Jeff Flake's book release blaming Republicans for some of the negatives of Trump's election, it seems they have gone rogue.

Days after being diagnosed with brain cancer, John "Maverick" McCain lectured colleagues on their failures, then drew gasps with a thumbs down that tanked the repeal.

Flake went way against the GOP grain with a new book and press tour deriding the president and many fellow Republicans.

Both have already paid a price for their independence.

A recent poll rated McCain as the Senate's second least popular member with 47 percent disapproval. Flake wasn't far behind in third place with 45 percent disapproval.

Flake has a battle to fight as he campaigns for re-election in 2018, and he might be barking up the wrong tree as Trump was more popular among Arizona Republican voters, by a margin of 84 percent to 51 percent, as of the spring.

Meanwhile, McCain's message of bipartisanship is being heard, as Republicans and Democrats are now working together on fixing Obamacare.

It looks like the original maverick's actions are doing more than his Arizona counterpart's for the time being.

While Trump hasn't tweeted about Flake's book, he has said he would spend $10 million on an other Republican to defeat Flake in the primary next year.