Phil Gordon has been friends with Sen. John McCain almost 30 years. The two met for the first time in Washington D.C. when McCain was a congressman and Gordon was an attorney.

Gordon, the former mayor of Phoenix now calls McCain a valued friend who helped guide and mentor him when he was a political novice.

“He supported me so much,” said Gordon.

Gordon says some of his fondest memories were the two of them meeting for coffee in the morning at a local AJ’s and talking about sports, life and, of course, politics.

“We would joke and kid around and he would fill me in on all the political gossip,” said Gordon.

The two spent a bit of time together just last week back in Washington. Gordon says it still amazes him how dedicated the now 80-year-old senator is.

“What people don’t see is just how hard he works,” said Gordon.

Saddened by the news that his friend is dealing with an aggressive cancer, he is comforted by the fighter his friend is.

“He’s tough, tougher than most,” said Gordon.

The longtime friends still meet up once or twice a month for coffee.

“I talked with his chief of staff a couple hours ago, and reminded him (McCain) still owes me a latte,” said Gordon.