PHOENIX - 12News spoke to a number of women voters who were leaning towards, or were registered Republican for the 2016 election.

Many said after the latest Donald Trump controversy, their voting choice has become increasingly difficult and conflicted.

More than a few said they’ve gravitated to the field of the undecided.

Diane Cerkvenik has been a longtime supporter of the Republican presidential nominee and she's not planning on switching her vote anytime soon.

“It was a private conversation that was never meant to be public. I've heard women say worse,” Cerkvenik said. “I'm not happy with it, it kind of really repulses me what he says, but that's not going to stop me from voting for him.”

Lisa Dixon likens Trump’s behavior to a wayward, family relative.

“Although I'm Republican, I feel very conflicted as to who to vote for,” Dixon said. “I think Donald Trump is kind of like a Grandpa who doesn't understand how life has changed and what is more politically correct.”