MESA, Ariz. - Sen. Jeff Flake stood there and took it, but Thursday night's enraged town hall crowd wanted more.

"If we take up a collection here tonight, will you go ahead and sell us your internet history right now?" one questioner asked.

Several speakers believe Flake put their internet history up for sale. Did he?

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The senator was a leader in rolling back Obama-era rules that would have blocked internet providers from selling information on your favorite apps and websites.

Flake said there would have been two sets of privacy rules -- one for internet service providers like Verizon and another for their rivals like Facebook and Google.

Those internet providers are shoveling campaign cash at Republican members of Congress. Records show Flake got $28,000 in his last campaign. Sen. John McCain got $84,000 in donations.

Flake correctly claimed the online protectiions he blocked hadn't taken effect yet. Congress' vote and President Trump's signature on his bill ensured they wouldn't.

While Flake didn't put your online history up for sale, he didn't do anything to prevent that from happening.