MESA, Ariz. - "There are credible scientists who say, 'Climate change exists -- we aren't sure why.' There are credible scientists who say that," Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Dist. 5) said during a town hall Tuesday. "Additionally, there are additional credible scientists who say it doesn't."

Much of the crowd gathered Tuesday night at Without Walls Church in Mesa cheered when he mentioned the climate change believers and jeered the scientists who don't believe it.

Biggs appeared to take it in stride.

But then he made a turn, comparing the crowd's reaction to his skepticism on climate change to the opposition Albert Einstein faced in introducing his mathematic and scientific ideas.

"Oddly enough, the same attitude you take is the exact same attitude that Einstein faced over physics, the theory of relativity," he said. "That's exactly what happened to him -- they shouted him down."

With that, Biggs thanked the attendees for going to his town hall event and closed down the show.

Watch the end of Biggs' speech below: