12 News has received calls, emails and social media posts from Valley voters still waiting for their early mail-in ballots.

The ballots were sent out last week, but a lot of people on the permanent early voter list are still waiting not-so-patiently at their mailbox.

Joy Seitz of Phoenix was one of them. I saw her post on Facebook.

Joy and I went to see Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell on Tuesday, so Joy could ask her: "Where's my ballot?"

Turns out that Purcell doesn't have her ballot yet, either.

Purcell said the new wrinkle this year is the U.S. Postal Service extending its delivery window for the ballots from 2-3 days to the current 3-5 days.

That five-day window means Maricopa County early voters should have their ballots by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Purcell said county records showed Joy Seitz should have her ballot by the end of the day Tuesday.

USPS spokesman Peter Hass disputed Purcell's comments about mail delivery. He told me the post office delivery standard for ballots remained 1-3 days.

Purcell's office later provided USPS materials showing delivery times were 2-5 days.

Up north in Yavapai County, there's another date-related election problem.

County elections officials mailed out early ballots with a "return by" date of Nov. 18, 10 days after Election Day.

County Recorder Leslie Hoffman told 12 News that employees never double-checked the date printed on the envelope. About 2,500 ballots are affected.

Those voters are getting a letter with the correct final date for returning the ballots -- Nov. 8