TEMPE, Ariz. - 12 News has obtained more than two hours of police body camera video showing actor Jean-Claude Van Damme's son's arrest in Tempe.

The arrest happened early in the morning on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Tempe police had been called to the University House apartments not once, but twice. They say it's all because of 21-year-old Nicolas Van Varenberg, who wanted to make sure police knew who is famous father is.

"I'm Nick Van Damme," Van Varenberg told Tempe Police. "My dad is Jean Claude Van Damme," he said seconds later.

The Tempe police body camera video obtained by 12 News shows police at the apartment building. First, because they say Van Varenberg punched an elevator and left a trail of blood to his door. Then again for a noise complaint.

Van Varenberg's roommate told police the son of the martial artist threatened him with a kitchen knife and barricaded him a bedroom, where his only thought was to listen to Van Varenburg, or, his "parents would be attending my funeral in two days."

"What am I getting arrested for?" Van Varenberg asked at one point. "Fighting with your roommate. It's domestic violence," the officer responded. "No, no, no no way. What?" replied Van Varenberg.

The body camera video is blurry, but the audio is clear. It goes on for more than two hours and shows police at Van Varenberg's door, then outside the apartment building. Throughout the video, Van Varenberg claims he did nothing wrong.

Once he's outside and handcuffed, it appears Van Varenberg realizes he's headed to jail.

"I'm barefoot guys. Have some empathy. Come on," Van Varenberg said to officers. "Can you at least take me back to my room and get me some sandals and like a sweatshirt."

"No," the officer responds. "We got sandals there. We got everything you need an in jail buddy."

Nicolas Van Varenburg is facing six charges, including attempted aggravated assault and attempted unlawful imprisonment. He's set to be back in court on September 30, 2017.