HOUSTON – The heavy winds, rain and flooding are dangerous enough.

But at least two alligators decided to up the ante for a Houston woman by taking over her backyard.

The water level was up high enough that the gators were able to swim over the fence that surrounds her backyard.

In a situation like that, you question who needs to be rescued, but there are countless abandoned dogs and cats -- even a deer -- that have needed help.

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The Chambers County Sheriff's Office, just east of Houston, confirmed workers rescued all the dogs from a kennel and about 300 more animals just east of Houston.

Other wildlife is no exception, such as a baby deer that had to be rescued from a river just north of Houston.

The help is coming from far and wide.

The Phoenix Fire Department shared video and images with 12 News of their team working to save animals.

Some homeless pets from Houston arrived as far as Iowa, where they took in 18 dogs.

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