JENKS, Okla. - A 15-year-old Oklahoma High School student has become one of the youngest people ever to achieve a perfect score on his ACT.

William Wang said the burden of taking the intimidating test is now over, however the excitement is just beginning.

The ACT is not your average test, and Wang is not your average high schooler.

"There's an English section, a math section, reading and then science," Wang said. In fact, he's quite exceptional.

"William didn't tell me," Mei Wu, Wang's mom said. "I asked him, 'William [do] you have your score?''

Don't let Wang's nonchalant behavior fool you, he's excited about what the score means for his future.

"I am thinking about Harvard or MIT, but I'm not sure," he said.

Wang hopes to study math and science, which are his ultimate passions.However, right now there's other priorities, like getting his driver's license, and finishing his homework.

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