The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released their latest ratings for headlight quality, something that goes overlooked by many drivers when determining the safety of a car.

Most drivers don't have the opportunity to test headlights in the dark before buying a car.

That's why the IIHS conducted their new study to find the best performing headlights for mid-size SUVs.

Out of 37 models tested, only two received the agency's highest ranking of "good" when it comes to lighting both straight aways and curves, along with causing limited glare for oncoming drivers.

"That was the Volvo XC60 and the Hyundai Santa Fe, so they both do a really good job in all of our tests," says the IIHS's Matt Brumbelow.

SUVs and pickups have a harder time balancing that glare and visibility due to the height of their headlights.

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