WASHINGTON, DC - Ten million Americans have government-sponsored health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Starting Wednesday they can add or change coverage.

Costs for marketplace plans are going up on average 34 percent next year, according to a study by Avalere Health.

Most people have subsidies that protect them from some or all of that increase, but 7 million Americans don't.

They earn too much to qualify for government help.

"If you make $49,000, you've gone off the cliff and you pay the whole thing yourself," said Karen Pollitz of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Obamacare is still the law, but President Trump is stopping reimbursements for insurance companies required to provide low-cost plans.

Federal funds for navigators, to help people find the right plan, have been cut by 40 percent, and advertising dollars are slashed 90 percent.

"You know what the impact is. Some people are going to go without insurance. Some people are going to be be kicked off the ACA," said Derrick Folsom of Cherokee Health Systems.

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