JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville, Florida woman and her family made the decision to hunker down instead of evacuating for Hurricane Matthew.

She took 12 News inside her home to show us how they prepared for the deadly storm.

Ellisa Bar-Thomas and her family braced for the worst.

"We call this our safe spot, where we have anything from wipes and sanitizer," she said, "in case we don't have water."

They also have candles, flashlights and batteries. The pantry is fully stocked with non-perishables and they are prepared in case there is a hole in the roof or broken windows.

Bar-Thomas has been in Florida for 17 years but she said Matthew is the biggest storm she's seen.

The beach was under evacuation, but Bar-Thomas lives far enough inland that her family could decide to stay or go.

She said about half of her neighbors decided to leave while the rest are waiting it out like her family.