GREENBELT, Md. - Millions will have their eyes to the skies for the rare cosmic event taking place on August 21.
Scientists and amateur star gazers alike are anxious for a phenomenon that hasn’t happened in nearly a century.

The total solar eclipse will pass across the U.S. and 14 states will be able to witness a it. Even though Arizona is not one of the 14 states in the eclipse’s path of totality, you will still see a partial eclipse.

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You can even download NASA’s app called GLOBE Observer to take part in environmental observations.

“You can be a NASA scientist for a day and be a part of this huge citizen’s science project helping NASA better understand our atmosphere,” said NASA scientist Dr. Alex Young.

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NASA warns that it’s very important to never look directly at the sun.

“You can get a pair of safety solar eclipse glasses," NASA scientist Dr. Ivona Cetinic said. "They’re going to allow you to experience this beautiful sight to the full extent.”

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