You might be a fan of bedtime snacking but beware, some foods are better than others.

Cereal, coffee, pizza are just a few types of food that can aggravate your sleep cycles.

“Particularly the sugary cereals will spike your blood sugar and that messes with your sleep,” says Catherine Kruppa, nutritionist at

Kruppa says food makes your blood sugar rise and then drop which can contribute to not sleeping well. Anything sweet can mess up your sleep.

“Six hours before is when you want to cut off caffeine,” says Kruppa.

The biggest misconception might be alcohol.

"Alcohol is one many people drink to get them to go to sleep and it does make you tired initially but it definitely messes with your sleep, you don't sleep as well and as deep," says Kruppa.

And it might be downright painful to sleep if you’re prone to acid reflux and digging into high-fat foods late at night.

Kruppa says, "Pizza for instance is greasy but it also has tomato sauce so the acidic tomato sauce and the high fat in the pizza. So in general high-fat meals: burgers, really heavy meals, that kind of thing, will disrupt your digestive tract so just be uncomfortable and are more likely to cause acid reflex."

For some people, that also includes spicy foods and anything citrus. So sleep tight and don’t let your snacking take a bite out of sleep cycle.