How many women has it happened to?

How many women are afraid or embarrassed or ashamed to come forward?

Recent high-profile cases have provided a bit of empowerment for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

It has also hopefully shown people it is more common than many may have thought.

“I’m surprised it has taken this long, and I’m surprised people are shocked by this,” said attorney Amanda Salvione.

A recent trend of victims coming forward and accusing high-profile men of harassment continued last week.

Today Show anchor Matt Lauer was accused of harassment by a colleague. NBC fired Lauer almost immediately after the allegation.

The longtime anchor has since apologized for his actions but denies some of what’s been publicized.

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Lauer is the latest in a list of celebrities who have recently been accused of sexual harassment.

“Every case is different and every victim is different,” said Salvione.

An attorney at Radix Law Salvione hopes the recent revelations will create a cultural shift in the workplace.

Dr. Jude Miller-Burke is a psychologist and often studies workplace culture. She recently interviewed more than 300 successful men and women, and found 60 percent of the women said they fade been sexually harassed.

“Some people may feel empowered to come forward and report it but others are more fearful of doing so,” said Miller-Burke.

Dr. Miller-Burke is optimistic these recent cases will have an impact on women who have been victimized in the past.

“We are seeing women coming forward,” said Miller-Burke.

Many women around the country have turned to social media to express their feelings.

On Twitter, the hashtag #metoo was trending for days and the social media continues to get posts connected to sexual harassment every day.

Salvione believes it may not be swift but that change will come and that companies around the country are more aware of an issue that many will tell you has been going on for decades.