Most Americans have a theory about O.J. Simpson and whether or not he killed his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. I have mine, which I will keep to myself.

I will say however, that my heart aches for any parent who has to bury a child. That is why it aches for Fred Goldman. Despite Simpson’s acquittal for murder in ’95, he believes with all of his being that O.J. Simpson was the butcher who killed his son Ron.

He now believes that Simpson skirted justice again when he was granted parole after serving only nine years of a possible 33-year sentence.

And now that he’s about to taste the sweet air of freedom again, what will he do?

Will he go and live quietly in Florida spending his days on a golf course as he told the parole board? Or, does he still crave the spotlight?

Will he try to write another book? Make the rounds on the talk shows? And, will he show up a few years from now at the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

The NFL said on Friday that it will welcome Simpson back with open arms. I had a chance to sit down with Fred Goldman, Ron’s father to talk about those things.