DENVER - A three-day sting that was part of the FBI’s annual nationwide operation to combat sex trafficking led to the arrest of 11 pimps and 32 customers in Colorado and Wyoming, authorities announced Tuesday.

Nine children were rescued from these sex trafficking operations. The youngest was 14 years old.

The sting centered on hotels, truck stops, street corners and social media apps, the FBI said.

Two of the suspects were caught driving the victims – one an underage girl, the other over 18 – across the Midwest and selling them for sex along the way. Police found them after they advertised their business on a sex website.

Law enforcement officials that as many as 2,000 children in Colorado and Wyoming are sexually exploited each year.

This year, the FBI’s overall Cross Country Operation X recovered 82 victims all over the world, including in Cambodia, Canada, the Philippines and Thailand.

During last year’s six-day crackdown, 19 underage victims were rescued in Colorado and Wyoming and 153 pimps were taken into custody.