A Maple Heights family is still recovering after an escaped inmate broke into their home, Friday.

Donnie Thomas escaped from the Garfield Heights Jail early Friday morning.

He had been arrested just hours earlier for robbing a Walgreens;police looked for the 34-year-old for hours.

Thomas was killed after he stole, then crashed a car during a high-speed police chase.

The family that owned the car Thomas stole is now dealing with so much after the ordeal.

The car that Donnie Thomas crashed belonged to the Johnson family. They say he broke into their home, stealing various items – including their car.

Robert and Jasmine Johnson took their two daughters out for breakfast, Friday morning, leaving their home on Dunham Road - empty.

Little did they know, escaped inmate Donnie Thomas had broken in through a window, stolen Robert's jacket and shoes as well as Jasmine's spare keys and car.

The Johnsons got a call from police alerting them about their car and shortly after they learned of the break-in by the man who police considered violent and dangerous.

"For you to actually know that someone was actually in your home and then broke into your home and they tried every possible way to get in. I feel like my house was a target and he broke in and he stole something not only from me but from my children," said Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine says it's now tremendously difficult for her to take her daughters to school and for her to get to work. Her insurance policy doesn't include a rental car and her husband works an opposite shift.

The family has organized a GoFundMe page hoping for donations.