CHATTANOOGA, TN - A family wants answers after a mix-up at a Chattanooga, Tennessee funeral home.

Wednesday, the family gathered to say their final goodbyes to a loved one only to find another man in his place.

Benjamin Brown Jr. passed away last week from an illness. His nephews say that loss was difficult on its own, but a mistake by John P. Franklin Funeral Home made it harder on their family.

Willie Brown and his brother Dominique say they were first to notice something wasn't right when friends and family gathered for visitation Wednesday afternoon.

"I said, 'This ain't my uncle,'" Willie says. "So, everybody around was like, 'That's your uncle, that's your uncle, it's just the makeup' and I'm just saying I know my uncle and this is not my uncle."

Willie says his uncle was a double-amputee. The man placed in his uncle's casket was not.

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