JONESBORO, Ga. -- Clayton County Schools are investigating after a 68-year-old high school teacher was allegedly assaulted by a student.

A 17-year-old Mt. Zion High School student was arrested for the incident on Tuesday. He is being charged with simple battery.

11Alive's Blayne Alexander spoke with that teacher's daughter, Anna Rodriguez. She said after more than 20 years in the classroom, her mother is terrified to return to school.

"I don't want her to go back. I don't think anybody would want to go back to that situation," Rodriguez said.

PHOTO: Teacher assaulted at school

Despite repeated requests, Clayton County Schools, through a spokesperson, declined to give any information or a statement on the matter, other than to say the district is investigating.

Rodriguez said her mother was walking in the hallway Tuesday when she spotted two students engaged in a sex act. When the teacher tried to break it up, she says, the male student snapped.

"He jumped up and started screaming at her and started swearing at her, and kept, like, bucking up on her," Rodriguez said. "So she put her arms up to brace herself, so he grabbed both of her breasts and twisted them very hard, and then threw her to the ground."

The teacher was left bruised, hospitalized and given a CAT scan. But Rodriguez says, in her mother's five years at Mt. Zion, school officials have failed to protect her before.

"This is not the first time she's been assaulted by a student. She's also been screamed at, sworn at, had money stolen," Rodriguez said. "She's called security twice in the last two months and no one's shown up."

The student appeared before a judge Wednesday morning. Bail was set at $4,000. Both Rodriguez and her mother take issue with the student's simple battery charge. Rodriguez said because the student grabbed her mother's breasts, he should also face sexual assault charges.

When reached by phone Wednesday, the teacher told Alexander that she is recovering. She also said she does not blame the school, adding "it's just something that happened."

Her daughter disagrees.

"They need to take care of her," Rodriguez said. She's dedicated her life to those children."