Disaster relief officials in Texas who are providing aid to Hurricane Harvey victims say the are overwhelmed with "stuff" being sent to them.

Specifically, representatives with Texas National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) say they no longer want donated goods such as household items, clothing, medicine or perishable food. The organization is asking charities around the country that have collected those items for the purpose of hurricane relief to re-route the supplies to a local nonprofit.

Another organization, The Center for International Disaster Information, advises that donating money to reputable organizations is always preferred. Material donations involve transportation costs. Cash donations allow relief organizations to spend time providing aid instead of managing goods.

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Anyone interested in donating money to hurricane victims can visit the nonprofit Charity Navigator. The organization maintains a list of charities giving help to victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. Charity Navigator also provides a four-star rating system for the nonprofits.