The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a warning for first responders who rush to crime scenes where drugs are involved.

They could be at risk for an overdose just by doing their job.

Increasingly firefighters, EMTs and police officers are accidentally breathing in fentanyl just by collecting crime scene evidence.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has released a video warning first responders about the potential for danger, urging officers never to test drugs in the field.

"If you don't know what it is, assume the worst," said acting DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg.

A drug called naloxone can reverse opioid overdoses, but there's concern it's no match for synthetic opioids that continue to get stronger.

"Their potency is so high that our usual antidotes may not work or we may need so many doses of the usual antidotes that the supply is short," warns acting CDC Director Dr. Anne Schuchat.

An estimated 90 people in this country die every day from opioid drugs.

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