A report from the Los Angeles Coroner's Office suggests that a stroke that killed a model may have been caused by a visit chiropractor, NBC's Today show reports.

Katie May, a Playboy model with a devoted following on social media, especially Snapchat, died on Feb. 4 after suffering a stroke.

NBC reports that the Los Angeles Coroner's Office released a report Wednesday that stated specifically that the 34-year-old's death was caused by "neck manipulation by chiropractor" that triggered the stroke.

May had tweeted about neck pain the week before her death:

NBC reports that May went to get adjusted on Feb. 4 and suffered the fatal stroke a few hours later.

According to NBC, the cause of the stroke was listed as as "blunt force injury of the neck" and that her death was "the result of a chiropractic procedure."

No charges have been filed, and the death has been listed as an accident. Click here for more on story from Today.com.

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