SAN DIEGO - Family pets can play just as big of a role in a household as people. Most pet parents would do just about anything for their fur babies, including spending thousands on their veterinary care.

“People talk about it all the time. Even just taking your dog to the vet is $50. Even if nothing is wrong, it can get expensive,” said pet owner Jaimie Bougie.

The cost can be overwhelming and has inspired a tax credit bill currently going through the state assembly.

AB 942 would allow cat and dog owners to write off up to $2,000 in vet bills on state income taxes starting in 2017 until 2023. The bills would need to be submitted from a state-certified veterinarian to qualify.

The possibility has most pet lovers rejoicing, but some say the write-off is excessive.

San Diego CPA Thor Eakes explains, “I would imagine, off the top of my head, half of the households in the state has dogs and cats. That would be a very large expenditure for the state.”

The bill was referred to a second debate in committee to determine if it will make its way to the full assembly for a vote.