PHOENIX - Cybersecurity is a major point of concern for many people in 2016.

itSynergy's CEO Michael Cocanower warned against common mistakes some people make that he says can put personal information in jeopardy.

1. Charging a phone at the airport

Some terminals offer charging stations that have a USB portal, which Cocanower says should be avoided.

"When you connect a device to one of those USB ports, it will potentially deliver you power, it will also give a data connection to that device as well," he said.

Because a user can't guarantee the connection is entirely secure, Cocanower says to use a wall plug instead or carry a portable cellphone charger.

2. Bluetooth in rental cars

It may be tempting to sync up your phone in order to jam out or answer phone calls, but that might also put important information at risk.

"When you’re done with that rental car and you’re going to take your phone and walk away," Cocanower said, "but a lot of that information is still stored in the car’s computer."

Contacts, emails, texts and GPS locations might still be accessible for the next driver despite the phone being removed from the car.

Cocanower suggests avoiding connecting to Bluetooth in cars that don't belong to you.

3. Pictures on your cellphone

Be leery of snapping selfies and sending to people because a bevy of information is captured in photographs taken on cellphones.

"The latitude and longitude of where the picture was taken is associated with every picture taken with a cellphone," Cocanower said.

The coordinates can be accessed when a photo is saved to a computer. The properties folder holds detailed information, including the kind of phone used, that can be traced to an exact location.

Some social media sites like Facebook strip this information from photographs.