PHOENIX - Some smartphone apps are promising to give you up to a 90-second warning before you feel an earthquake.


Grillo only monitors Mexico, but it promises up to 90 seconds of warning before an earthquake hits your area based on your location.

The app claims it uses sensors installed around the country to detect movements and send you an alert in less than two seconds so you can get somewhere safe.


Skyalert works in a similar way, but it also notifies you of volcanic eruptions and major storms, if that applies to your area.

It has its own system of sensors to get real-time information to your phone -- but its focus is Spanish-speaking countries.


For the United States, and perhaps the rest if the world, eQuake offers up to one minute of advanced warning. Its system has more than 1,000 sensors in California alone. Twenty are in Arizona.


Arizona has fault lines too, plus we feel them when earthquakes strike in other parts of North America.

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“If there is a large earthquake in Southern California, or in Baja, or other parts of Mexico, relatively near the border, they can be felt,” said John Bellini, a geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey.

The USGS is also working to develop a similar app.

"The hopes are that for a large earthquake, it gives people, at some distance, a few seconds warning to prepare themselves for the shaking to come,” said Bellini.