Limo driver Simon Lee was driving through the busy party district on Crescent Ave. late Thursday night. The Midtown area was hopping, and he had an SUV full of paying customers. That's when he says he heard "hundreds of rounds" of bullets.

He slammed on the gas pedal and the SUV lurched into the next block. When he stopped, the streets were filled with people running and screaming. A bullet hole had pierced his back passenger door.

PHOTOS | Midtown gun battle

His was one of eighteen vehicles damaged in what Atlanta Police called a gun battle.

The shooting started around 11:30 Thursday night at the corner of Crescent Ave. and 12th Street, Atlanta Police Captain Cliff Johnson said. Investigators were having difficulty finding good witnesses.

"From the witnesses we do have, it appears it was a gun battle between multiple shooters," Capt. Johnson said.

Police recovered sixty rounds from four different weapons. An AK-47 rifle was recovered from the bushes near a parking lot.

Adding to the chaos of the shooting, multiple buildings in the area sustained damage. Residents at the Mayfair Renaissance on 14th Street between Juniper and Piedmont report one stray bullet entered a unit and hit a sprinkler system, causing flooding.

Capt. Johnson said there have been no reported injuries and no suspects in custody.