PHOENIX - Phoenix Police and Silent Witness are offering a reward to find three robbers who attacked a man at gunpoint.

It happened outside of a home near 92nd Avenue and Elm Street just after midnight on June 1.

According to police and surveillance video, a man at the home was standing outside when a man with a gun tried to rob him. Seconds later, it turns into a big brawl.

"He's approached by someone with a gun," Sgt. Jamie Rothschild with Silent Witness told 12 News. "Then two more people join them. It looks like they're beating him up, but he's fighting back."

The man continues fighting back after he's repeatedly hit in the head with the gun and even after the gun is pointed directly at him.

At one point, one of the robbers drops something, possibly the clip from the gun. One of them picks it up and they all take off without stealing anything.

The entire ordeal took about just 15 seconds. The gun never fired and no one was seriously hurt.

"Three guys attacked one guy for his property," Sgt. Rothschild said. "And one of them had a gun. So we'd really like to find them. We don't know if they've done this before and we don't know if they'll do this again. But we're hoping someone will recognize them."

If you know who the robbers are, you're asked to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. You can remain anonymous and receive a reward of up to $1,000.