You may have heard of pop-up dinner parties. Well now, brand-new to Arizona, there’s a pop up Safety Town. Same concept, minus the food, it can pop up anywhere and it’s a fun hands-on way to learn about injury prevention.

The 3-D town on wheels has lifesaving lessons onboard such as drowning prevention, gun safety, poison, fire, distracted driving, anti-bullying and so much more.

“You’ll be seeing it pop up everywhere and anywhere,” said Tracey Fejt, a nurse and injury prevention coordinator at Banner Health’s Cardon Children’s Medical Center. “My passion as an ER nurse for 20 years I treated those injuries and now I get to prevent them.”

At the pop-up pool, kids and parents dive in to important information about being water-smart.

“These floaties have warnings that parents don’t always read and we don’t want them wearing these floaties, we definitely want them to wear the life jacket,” Fejt said. “We want to make sure the fence is 5-foot high, that it has a self-locking latch.”

In this water safety town, a canal is even rolled out.

“Every year, we tend to lose a kid and an adult to a fall in a canal,” she said.

And don’t forget about other safety in the sun.

“On the side of the house, we make sure we tell people they should be wearing their sunglasses, put on their hats -- and sunblock is huge so we definitely want to get that out there too,” Fejt said.

To get the Banner Health Safety Town to pop up near you, click here for more information.