It's been three years since Arizona executed a death row inmate. The horrifying two-hour-long execution of Joseph Wood triggered a lawsuit that's now forcing the state to change the way it puts inmates to death.

But are executions about to be back on again?

Not yet, but the Arizona Department of Corrections is working toward it.

The DOC has agreed to use a new set of drugs since the lawsuit. But those drugs aren't available yet. The agreement was part of the lawsuit settlement, which also requires the department to pay court costs of almost $3 million if it uses the drug linked to Wood's slow death.

So for now, there's no solution.

Those against the death penalty say life without parole achieves the same purpose.

There are 118 inmates on death row in Arizona, 116 men and 2 women, and more are on the way.

For now, executions in Arizona are on hold with no resumption in site.