They are confusing, difficult to understand and seem to change every few years. What are they? Arizona’s gun laws.

The rules and regulations about where you can carry a gun and where you can’t are as about as convoluted as the molecular structure for glucose.

“They (the laws) are loose and confusing to many people,” said former State Representative Chad Campbell.

The law details places you can and can’t carry a handgun into but those laws include whether you have a properly posted sign outside your business. Making things even more complicated are rules related to a business that serves alcohol.

If there is not a sign posted and you have a concealed carry permit, you can carry a gun into the establishment if you don’t drink. If you do, that is a violation.

“You are breaking the law at that point," Campbell said. "You can’t be drinking."

At Tom Yum Thai restaurant in downtown Phoenix, customers are greeted by a sign alerting them that no guns are allowed.

“We want to create a relaxing atmosphere,” said Tim Shchuele.

The restaurant has never had an issue with a customer bringing a gun inside. Schuele says if it happened, he would ask the person to leave or stash the gun in a car.

If someone does bring a gun into a restaurant with a properly displayed "no gun" sign, it could be considered a misdemeanor but rarely is anyone cited.

Government businesses are an entirely different set of standards and rules. However, unlike most private businesses, almost all government buildings have signs posted reminding people they can’t bring a gun inside.

Agencies should however provide a secured lock box to store your gun if you have business in the building.