Plenty of rumors have been circulating online about the Las Vegas shooting, many of which are untrue.

Thanks to social media, images of the horrific scene at the Route 91 Harvest music festival began to spread quickly after the shooting began. With them came plenty of misinformation.

Almost instantly after reports of the shooting emerged, some quickly linked the incident to terror groups. Hours later, ISIS came forward to claim the attack, but according to officials, that information is false.

So far, investigators say there are no links between the suspect and ISIS or other terror groups. His motive for the shooting remains unknown at this point.

Right after the shooting, investigators said they wanted to talk to the shooter's companion. But is she considered a person of interest in the case? That claim is true.

In fact, they greeted her at LAX last night when she returned from the Philippines.

Other reports state that the shooter wired money to a foreign country. That information is true.

The FBI is investigating why he sent $100,000 to a bank account in the Philippines, where his girlfriend was during the shooting. She's also from that country.

Lastly, officials have confirmed that the weapons used in the shooting are being sent to the FBI's East Coast crime lab.