If you are selling a house and you believe it's haunted or you know that someone died in the home, do you have to tell the buyer here in Arizona?

“As a realtor, we are not supposed to disclose that information; however, we can’t lie, so if someone asks us a question, we have to tell the truth," said Robert Joffe from the Joffe Group Launch Real Estate.

What if someone was murdered in the home or just passed away?

“[That's] another one that doesn’t need to be disclosed, but if we are asked, then we will disclose it," said Joffe.

According to Redfin, in California, sellers must reveal if a death in the home has occurred anytime in the past three years, including death by natural causes.

In Alaska and South Dakota, only murders or suicides must be disclosed if they happened within the past year.

Mum’s the word in Arizona, but what about illegal drug activity that took place in a home?

“Every seller has to fill out what’s called a Seller Property Disclosure Statement and one of the questions is 'Has the home been used as a drug lab in the past?' so the seller would have to disclose that item,” said Joffe.

Most items sellers have to disclose in Arizona are material items.

“Easements on the property, are there scorpions, is there a plumbing issue or roofing issues, any issues in the past with the home -- you will disclose those items,” said Joffe.

If you are worried about the history of a home, ask nearby neighbors, or sites like DiedInHouse.com claim they can track down if someone died in the home you are interested in.

Or, just enjoy the mystery.