Phoenix- An image of a child’s arms stretched out with sores is making the rounds on the internet. The article on the website claims the child got a staph infection from a bounce house.

Bounce houses have become popular over the years. They can be found at birthday parties, festivals and special events.

But – can you really get a staph infection from a bounce house?

Dr. Andrew Carroll, a family physician with the Renaissance Medical Group in Chandler, says it is possible.

“You can get this sort of infection from any contact with any surface," Carroll said. "Bounce houses are one of those places children frequent. So, you have one child who comes in with the infection and another child comes in and picks up the infection.

He said children can contract staph infections from plenty of other places too, such as ball pits and pizza places or even a grocery cart.

Carroll suggests parents check to see how clean a bounce house looks. And make sure your kids use hand sanitizer before and after they get inside. Along with washing their hands as soon as possible.

While the thought of catching an infection from a bounce house is scary, there's no need to panic.

“Don't be too paranoid about having your children in public situations. It's what we need. Our children need to play with one another. I think it's important to have that social interaction,” Carroll said.