PHOENIX - Remember when you were in school and you had to learn about the heart? All you had was a textbook and whatever extra information the teacher could offer.

Unfortunately, for many, that was a boring way to learn.

On Friday, students at Bret R. Tarver Elementary in Phoenix got some actual hands-on experience with a heart -- sort of.

It was a virtual heart.

Students put on 3-D glasses and interacted with a heart that popped out of the screen. It was a scene reminiscent of Star Trek. Kids giggled as they moved the heart around with a pen-like wand. They could view all the angles.

It’s all part of the zSpace Bus Virtual 3-D tour. It’s a bus filled with interactive monitors that travels around the country giving students a unique experience with their everyday subjects.

“zSpace is screen virtual reality for the classroom," said zSpace's Jennifer Janes. "It’s an interactive 3-D environment that students can really explore subject areas. Including science, math, social studies and art."

Instead of using a textbook, students are able to interact with and explore.

“I’m exploring dinosaurs,” said one student as she made a virtual dinosaur move on the screen.

“It’s really an immersive environment where students can work together, collaborate, experiment and really dive deep into a virtual environment,” said Janes.

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