PHOENIX, Ariz.- An 11 year-old girl continues in critical condition after she was struck by a car Wednesday afternoon.

Phoenix police say the girl was leaving school but went into the crosswalk too quickly. One car saw her and stopped on time, but a second vehicle didn’t and hit her.

“We looked and then you just see her body flying in the air,” said Jose Grado, a young student at the same school as her. He was leaving basketball practice and was just feet away from here when he witnessed her get slammed.

Jose’s parents are no even more concerned about the amount of accidents happening in the area and want to see changes made.

They’re not the only ones. Another resident in the area, Victor Torres, is worried someone else is going to get hit. “There’s been a couple deaths here and there’s always accidents here,” said Torres.

12 News requested information on the amount of incidents on the intersection of 72nd avenue and Lower Buckeye. Phoenix Police said they will provide information on that early next week.