A woman who was inside the hotel room of a man shot by Mesa police in January 2016 before officers arrived at the scene took the stand Thursday in former officer Philip Brailsford's murder trial.

Monique Portillo was also detained by police the night Brailsford shot and killed Daniel Shaver at a Mesa hotel.

Portillo testified that she and Shaver had been drinking along with a coworker of hers all night long. The coworker was looking at Shaver's pellet gun, which Shaver used for his pest control job.

She said on the stand Thursday that she told the coworker and Shaver to stop pointing the gun by the window because people outside may not know the gun was not a "real" rifle.

Portillo said she never heard police yelling outside the room, even though the door was never closed.

She also said that she saw the shooting after she was detained. Police show Brailsford shot Shaver when, while crawling toward officers in an apparent attempt at compliance, Shaver reached toward his back.

Brailsford has said he believed Shaver was going for a gun, which he believed Shaver possessed because of what officers saw outside the window.

Portillo said Thursday she thought Shaver was reaching down to pull up his shorts.