‚ÄčThe Phoenix Fire Department said two men are in critical condition after a plane crashed near 19th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

According to Phoenix FD, the single-prop aircraft went through a fence and lodged into a tree. Firefighters were able to get the men out of the plane.

According to fire officials, the crash happened off of airport property and close to Adobe Drive.

An FAA spokesperson said the pilot reported a problem shortly after departing Deer Valley Airport and said they would try to turn around to return to the airport.

Eventually the pilot and his passenger came down about a half mile from the runway.

Jade Byers works next to an airport, so it's normal to see planes from her office window. There was some very different about this plane though.

"Pretty low. Thought it might crash. Sure enough I heard a boom and it crashed right there on 19th Avenue," she said. I almost thought it clipped the building, or was going to anyway."

That's when Byers and several others working in her building ran outside to see if they could help.

"Obviously working here every day it's in the back of your mind a little bit, but today it happened," she said.

Darrell Brethauer works at a body shop across the street.

"We heard a loud crash," Brethauer said.

He thought it was a car accident, but quickly learned it wasn't.

"Two guys were in the plane," Brethauer said. "We had to pull the tree limbs away so they could get to them. Then waited for the paramedics to get here."

The investigation and wreckage shut down 19th Avenue between Williams and Deer Valley for almost six hours.

The cause of the crash is unknown and Phoenix Police Department is investigating.