PHOENIX - A woman narrowly escaped death in a deadly wrong-way crash Tuesday night.

“I remember calling 911 at 7:42,” said Sara Teague, who was traveling in the HOV lane from State Route 51 south to Interstate 10 east Tuesday night, when she saw headlights coming right at her.

“Noticed the car in front of me first breaking, before I noticed the other car’s headlights coming in the wrong direction,” she said.

All of this happened as her dash camera was rolling.

“I didn’t want to panic and then cause more trouble, but I just realized, ‘Hey, this guy is going the wrong way,’” said Teague. “I tried to honk and get his attention.”

You can hear Sara honking in the video, but she says the wrong way driver didn’t respond to that.

“Thankfully, there was an emergency on the ramp or I don’t know that I would’ve not gotten hit,” she said. “And he passed me so fast. There was no way he was trying to slow down.”

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She called 911 and then her fiancé.

“It could have been any one of us on the road. It could have been my family. My fiancé could be planning my burial,” said Teague.

The incident was difficult for Sara, who’s a nurse.

“In my line of work, I deal with families like this very often,” she said. “It’s hard and I’m going to tear up a little…”

Young Lee, 54, has been identified as the man who was killed when he was hit by the wrong-way driver.

12 News spoke with the boyfriend of Lee’s daughter at Don’s Cigars. As you can imagine, they’re asking for privacy as they cope with the sudden loss.