Reports of a confined rescue in Glendale hit the newsroom Tuesday morning -- Sky 12 headed to the scene.

Usually, this type of rescue means a person has gotten stuck somewhere and needs help getting out. 

Sounds simple enough and, yes, I do agree, not the most breaking/newsworthy thing ever. But I have to say, it is interesting watching as crews work to get the stuck person out safely -- which they eventually do.

Full disclosure: Confined rescues and I have a history.

But as you can tell if you read headlines or watch our Facebook Lives this one wasn't a "let down," on the contrary, this may have been the best "confined space rescue" yet.

As Sky 12 began feeding video back from the scene near 59th and Peoria avenues, you could tell crews were trying to rescue something. But it wasn't a person.

A message from a Glendale Police Department spokesperson soon followed:

We are assisting the Glendale Fire Department and the Humane Society.  They are working on rescuing kittens out of a storm drain.

Rescue... KITTENS!

Crews successfully pulled the little feline from the storm drain. And now the kitten is in the helping hands of the Arizona Humane Society.

No word on how the kittens got stuck in the storm drain or if they belong to anyone in the area.