PHOENIX – The Emergency Preparedness Expo 2017 brought locals a chance to learn about any type of disaster that could happen in the Valley—from car crashes to torrential flooding.

While hurricanes are typically not associated with Arizona, earthquakes are possible in some parts of the state, and monsoon storms can trigger all sorts of dangers, from flash floods to blinding dust storms.

And what if you were stuck without power for days?

Would you know what to do to protect you and your family?

The event was put on by The Maricopa County Department of Public Health’s Office of Preparedness and Response in a bilingual setting at the Metrocenter Mall.

"Everything from car seats, to water safety, smoke detectors and why they're important,” said Joey Pacheco, a firefighter and paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department.

There was also information on how to deal with car accidents, learning to perform CPR, flu vaccinations for adults, even providing emergency care for your pets.

The best advice in all emergencies?

"A go bag with all the necessities: A flashlight, extra water, a change of clothes, hygiene. Anything to sustain you for up to three days if preferred,” said Valerie Villa with Maricopa County Emergency Management.

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While North America is facing a handful of natural disasters currently, it's only a coincidence that September is National Preparedness month with an event to provide some peace of mind.

"It's great we have people in our country and our society whose only goal is to make everything better for all of us,” said Michael Gelbia, who attended the event.

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