Brittany Conklin would do anything for her Bulldog Batman.

She knows not everyone is a dog person, but she's asking you to open your heart and your home if you find one afraid of fireworks.

"Some of us are going to have the situation where dogs show up at our front door and it's not our pet. Please know that that is someone else's family member," she said.

Conklin is a member of a Facebook group called Animal Lovers of Laveen. They connect lost and found dogs with their owners.

"We are a volunteer-led passion project," she said.

Here's what volunteers hope you'll do if you find a dog:

"Take them into their home," Conklin said. "If they have other pets other dogs and other cats, we want them to keep them separate, keep them safe, then post the pictures to the Animal Lovers of Laveen and really network those pets."

Through sharing and commenting, Conklin said the number of reunions are countless. And when the dogs don't have a home, they often find one through the group.

"We have to do our due diligence to be good to them," she said.

Conklin hopes neighbors in other communities will form similar groups.

If you do have a dog, it's critical that you make sure they're wearing tags with your contact info on them and although it may mean missing out on festivities, your pup is safest inside during fireworks.