PHOENIX - We're hearing more reports of coyotes venturing into urban areas.

Just last weekend, a coyote approached some golfers at Talking Stick Golf Club and they gave him some water to make it through the heat.

The interaction begs the question: What should you do if a coyote approaches you?

Arizona Game and Fish created a pamphlet about this very issue listing tips for you to keep in mind.

• Never approach a coyote.
• Show you are dominant by keeping eye contact with the animal.
• Yell or make loud noises with whistles, blare music, or bang on pots and pans.
• Encourage coyotes to leave by spraying with a hose, throwing sticks or rocks near them, or shaking a can filled with pennies or pebbles.
• Don’t stimulate a coyote’s chase instinct by running.
• Pick up small pets.
• Protect small children so they won’t panic and run.

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Arizona Game and Fish emphasizes that part of being safe is knowing the law. Arm yourself with information first. According to the Arizona State Legislature, it is unlawful to feed coyotes in Maricopa and Pima Counties per Arizona Revised Statue 13-2927 and violations can result of up to $300.