Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein stayed the night here in the Valley Wednesday night, arriving in a private jet and then checking in at the Phoenician.

TMZ reported the Wednesday the 65-year-old was headed to Wickenburg to seek treatment for sex addiction, but now it's unclear where exactly Weinstein will be getting help. So far at least 30 women, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have come forward with allegations of both sexual assault and harassment spanning decades. TMZ posted a new picture of Weinstein on its site Thursday night, saying he had his last dinner before checking into rehab at Uncle Sal's restaurant in Scottsdale.

The Hollywood producer has said he is a sex addict, but his behavior, according to the allegations, was sexual harassment or worse, and there is a difference between the two.

12 News spoke exclusively with a recovering sex addict for a better understanding of what the addiction can drive someone to do.

"The high one gets from acting out is not enough anymore and you have to seek a greater high and a greater high," said Robbie, a recovering sex addict, who agreed to speak with 12 News over the phone, only using his first name.

"What starts out with looking at porn or acting out with multiple partners, things like that … it's a progressive addiction,” he said. “Just like drug and alcohol addictions.”

He's been watching the Harvey Weinstein scandal unfold.

"I'm sorry that his addiction, if he does have an addiction, it progressed that far," Robbie said.

But he's quick to point out, Weinstein's behavior isn't an automatic sign of a sex addict.

"Not all sex addicts are sex offenders,” he said. “Not all sex addicts violate the law. Not all sex addicts harass people at work.”

If Weinstein does have a sex addiction, Robbie can attest to how destructive it can be. He says he stopped being productive in his daily life.

"If it's not treated, it grows and gets worse and it takes the addict a lot of places they never thought they would go," he added.

Robbie says treatment can cost tens of thousands of dollars for the high-end facilities Weinstein is most likely checking into, but no matter how much someone spends, he says treatment is only as good as the effort behind it.

For more information on some of the treatment resources available: