PHOENIX – Local Puerto Ricans are using President Donald Trump’s recent tweets about San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz as extra incentive to get supplies to their native Island.

"There are folks that don't even know any of us that are showing up,” said Zulema Rodriguez about the people who showed up with donations over the last week and the volunteers who helped sort the items.

She joked saying, "We have a fantastic problem. We have too much stuff," Rodriguez said.

It forced them to move into a larger warehouse before shipping the supplies to Puerto Rico.

But while working to help their fellow United States citizens, they say President Trump's Tweets were like a blow to the gut.

"That fueled our fire. We are not lazy,” she said as a response to the president saying the mayor of San Juan and others are poor leaders and that “they want everything done for them.”

There are 10,000 federal workers on the ground now -- mostly military.

They arrived Wednesday, one week after the hurricane hit.

U.S. representatives Ruben Gallego and Raul Grijalva showed up Saturday to see the Puerto Rican Center of Arizona's efforts to prepare supplies over the last week.

"The same treatment we gave Houston and Florida, for American citizens, we should be giving to the 3.4 million American citizens that live in Puerto Rico,” said Grijalva, who represents District 3 of Arizona.

The volunteers brushed social media and comparisons aside for a moment to be thankful for the support they've received from friends and complete strangers.

"We've got Tucson. We've got boxes from Sedona. We've got boxes from all over,” said Rodriguez.