CHANDLER, Ariz. - Have you ever wondered why you crave certain foods? Why you still can’t get a flat stomach no matter how many crunches you do? Or why you’re hungry after eating an hour ago? Well now a company out of Chandler will tell you why through their new genetic testing, in hopes to give you a better and healthier lifestyle.

The company is called Advanced Genomic Solutions. By using your DNA, this test can give you a snapshot of what and how your body responds to different foods and exercise. Lance Bennett is the managing director of AGS. He says, “It’s designed to look at 50 genes which are most relevant for diet, exercise and overall health.”

The test is very simple. All you do is swab the inside of your cheek for 15 to 20 seconds and fill out a background form. Then mail off the sample. It gets tested in their lab and 7 to 10 days later, you have the results.

"Whether you’ve got more food cravings or taste perceptions, and on the exercise side, it can tell you whether or not you respond better to cardiovascular training, or weight training or a combination of both," said Bennett.

The health and wellness genetic test costs $550. "When you put it up against average training sessions or consultations with dieticians, surgery you might consider taking, the cost is quite reasonable," said Bennett.

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