PHOENIX - The vote is in and there is expected to be a strong reaction across the city of Phoenix today. That's because Phoenix police will not join the federal deportation force.

The Phoenix City Council has spoken and they will not follow President Trump’s recommendations to have them do so.

The city council also wants Phoenix police to adjust policies laying out when officers can and cannot ask about immigration status of people in the city. This will apply to protecting crime victims, witnesses and young people at schools.

Mayor Greg Stanton says the president’s executive order generated fear here in the Valley. Mayor Stanton says they’re standing against the White House, saying the city’s police will focus on the community rather than becoming federal immigration agents.

In addition to the changes for Phoenix police, the Phoenix City Council says the city will also work with local schools to create a better relationship between resource officers and students. And, there will be a new development program for refugees to learn English and become recertified in their line of work, if they came to the United States with high-level degrees.

The City of Phoenix says there will also be a website listing community resources for refugees and others affected by the executive order.