CHANDLER, Ariz.- Gila River Police Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety responded to two collisions near State Route 347 and Riggs Road Saturday around 1 p.m. The first one involved a motorcycle and several vehicles; the second one involved a truck flying through the intersection and was caught on camera.

According to DPS, shortly after the first collision occurred, a white pickup truck that was traveling westbound on Riggs Road when it sped through the intersection, through a desert area, and crossed over the southbound lanes of the 347 and struck a semi truck's trailer that was in a northbound lane of the 347.

John Brutovsky, who was headed south on the 347 captured the truck's collision with the semi truck on video.

The driver was observed at a local hospital and was later released for minor injuries, DPS said.

The first crash was minor in nature and resulted in minor injuries, according to Gila River Police Department.