GLENDALE, Ariz. - About 400 veterans came to the University of Phoenix Stadium Thursday with the hope of walking away with a job offer -- something that can be challenging for servicemembers.

"If you just got out of high school and you join the military, you learn that one trait and sometimes that trait is not very relevant to the civilian world," said Kyle Conkling, a veteran who served with security force.

Recruit Military is an veteran-owned and operated company that works to connect veterans with potential employers. Veteran career fairs have been held all across the country since 2006 and have helped more than 9 thousand service men and women.

"The biggest challenge is we don’t know how to translate our military experience into civilian terminology," said Adam O'Toole, the event's coordinator. "So we have a lot of veterans who walk into a career fair like this and say, 'I was a M283 Bradley Fighting Commander,' and a lot of these companies don’t know what that means."

The fair also provides guidance for those who need help creating a resume, learning interview skills and what a day-to-day schedule at a civilian job entails.

The event is scheduled to come back to the valley in February and is free for veterans. For more information, visit