PHOENIX - The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department conducts hundreds of routine health inspections at restaurants every month. Some of the things they are finding this week will steal your appetite, but the vast majority of eateries are passing with ease.

12 News tagged along for a routine inspection at City Bistro in Phoenix, and the results were very good for those who eat there.

The county did not find a single violation at City Bistro, but did cite several other restaurants across the Valley. An inspector in downtown Phoenix found "moldy hot dogs," in the walk-in refrigerator at Hooters in downtown Phoenix. The hot dogs were discarded immediately.

Another inspector found a "white and green mold," on chicken salad being stored in a refrigerator at Nate's Third base Grill in Chandler. An employee discarded of that food during the inspection as well, and was talked to about proper time frames for keeping food fresh.

Finally at Cheers in Phoenix, a health inspector found "storage gloves," being stored next to "various chemicals," which could potentially contaminate the gloves.

These are just a few of the violations found this week by the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department.

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